Shannon Marie

Born 1983. Resides Austin, Tejas. All around good ole gal. 


    Influenced by classic traditional tattoos, Japanese prints, Saturday morning cartoons, and floral folk motifs, Shannon likes to tattoo brightly colored designs surrounded by bold linework. Formally educated in the arts, her personal work consists primarily of linoleum and woodcut printwork which has also greatly contributed to her tattooing. 

    In addition to working in tattoo studios for more than a decade, she is one of the founding members of the nonprofit organization Citizens for the Arts. Shannon likes to keep the machine running and remains active alongside other artist groups/ collectives. Using those platforms, she has conducted activities such as workshops and lectures with communities nationally and internationally.

    Always happy to take a walk-in or schedule an appointment, Shannon also offers a book of designs to choose from. You can catch her at Diablo Rojo Tuesday through Saturdays (Wednesday & Thursday’s at our Cesar Chavez location). To schedule an appointment or for availability you can email her direct at